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Are All-terrain Tires as Safe as Winter Tires?

Traveling this winter? Do you have the right set of tires to tackle the roads? Learn about what’s suitable for your car to help prevent an accident this winter. 

In case of an accident, a car accident lawyer can help you receive the proper compensation for the damages caused. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, several attorneys are ready to help you. 

What are Winter Tires?

Experts design winter tires specifically for winter conditions to make it easy for vehicles to drive during the winter.

What are All-terrain Tires?

All-terrain tires are a kind of hybrid tire that combines some off-road tire unique features with commuter tires. In addition, all-terrain tires frequently have a year-round structure and can offer traction in several tough driving situations.

Difference between All-terrain and Snow Tires

These are the differences that set the tires apart and let you know if they can play each others’ roles;

Experts Design Snow Tires Specifically for Cold Environments.

Snow tires are intended to work at 45°F (about 7°C) or lower. Consequently, they are ideal for cold climates due to their silica-based tread compound, which performs exceptionally well in snow, ice, and rain. Snow tires work with all types of cars. We advise equipping a car with winter tires on all four wheels, not just the two on the driving wheels.

Differences in Compounds Between Snow Tires and All-Terrain Tires

There is a significant discrepancy between how snow tires are manufactured and all-terrain tires are made. The most evident of these is probably the compound distinction. For all-terrain tires, we use three essential compositions: a summer compound, an all-season compound, and a winter tire compound. 

Equipping your car with the right tire set helps you easily maneuver in the condition intended for the tire. 

Contact a car accident lawyer today if you have any further questions about winter driving safety. 


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