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Hydroplaning — Everything You Need to Know

There are accidents on the road every day, and a lot of times, the weather is the main factor. Traffic administrators understand this and put up signs along the roads to warn drivers to slow down during stormy weather. Right now, we are transitioning from summer to autumn, and that means more rainfall. The accident lawyers here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates second the advice given by the traffic administrators. Further, with wet roads, we want to help all drivers be aware of the dangers of hydroplaning.

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What is Hydroplaning?

Whether you are new to driving or haven’t driven much in the rain, hydroplaning is when you lose control of steering your car properly due to wet roads. Hydroplaning — also known as aquaplaning — only occurs when enough rain has fallen that puddles of water form on the roads. If there is standing water on the road and you drive through it, you are at risk of your tires losing traction with the pavement. When this happens, you will be unable to steer your vehicle until your tires regain traction!

A lot of accidents in rainy weather occur due to hydroplaning, and that is why our accident lawyers want everyone to learn what to do when they encounter standing water while driving.

What to Do to Avoid Hydroplaning?

Accident lawyers and traffic administrators will always tell you that the first thing to do in poor driving conditions is to slow down and stay alert of other drivers on the road. The reason you want to slow down is that you are more likely to skid when traveling at higher speeds.

Next, you must do your best to stay calm and avoid pressing hard on your brakes or the accelerator. Everything you do should be done lightly and cautiously. Too quick of acceleration will cause your tires to spin out, and too much force on your brakes may cause them to lock up. Both events can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and potentially spin out.

As with your brakes and accelerator, accident lawyers will tell you to steer gently. The slower you go, and the less your jerk the steering wheel, the more control you will maintain. If you feel your tires lose traction of the road, remain on course and do not try to overcorrect the situation (avoid turning sharply, hits the brakes or speeding up).

Other tips accident lawyers will give you include: turning off cruise control, making sure your tires have a lot of tread and rotating your tires.

Final Thoughts

If you have been injured in an accident relating to wet roads and hydroplaning, make sure the fault isn’t incorrectly determined. With accident lawyers on your side, we will be able to make sure you get the coverage you need.

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