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8 Tips for Maintaining Your Car During the Winter

Is your car ready for the winter roads? Snow on roadways can make your car strain more while moving, and the cold can make faulty parts fail. A defective engine or braking system is an issue you don’t want to face while driving downhill on a slippery road with snow. However, proper preventative maintenance can help you avoid such problems. Here are the top 8 winter car maintenance tips you should know.

Prepare a Winter Emergency Kit

A simple breaking down on a lonely road in a quiet temperature unprepared could quickly become a survival circumstance. You can use your car for shelter during the breakdown, and an emergency kit with stuff such as a blanket, small shovel, snow chains, and jumper cables can help while you wait for your mechanic.

Check Tires

Look at the tire threads and replace them if they are worn out. Having winter-safe tires can give your car a grip on the road and makes braking more efficient.

Assess Windshield Wipers

Winter comes with increased possibilities of rain and snow that can reduce vision while driving. Having a frosty windshield and defective wipers may decrease visibility. Always inspect your windshield wipers and washer fluid.

Check Your Heater and Defroster

Your vehicle’s heater and defroster come in handy during winter. They help keep the interior warm and clear ice and fog off the windshields. 

Additional tips are:

  • Check your battery
  • Test lights
  • Check engine oil quality and quantity
  • Inspect the battery and engine

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