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5 Ways to Drive Safely

Robert J. DeBry has Qualified Car Accident Attorneys.

We at Robert J. Debry & Associates have a specialized team full of car accident attorneys willing to take up any client who has been in a dangerous car collision and wishes to see justice. Of course, we would rather see upfront that our clients won’t be in the position where they have faced a near-death car collision. 

To avoid car collisions and remain safe on the road, here are five ways to be a safe driver and to prevent car accidents and collisions while on the move:

1) Plan Ahead

As part of being a car accident attorney, we must know all the facts about a collision, and that includes understanding what the driver was focused on when they were involved in a collision. As such, it is strongly recommended that you plan ahead of driving so that you may know your destination and be on the constant lookout while driving. Driving aimlessly is more likely for you to be distracted and make a mistake, leading to a collision.

2) Focus

A car accident attorney will want to know what leads to the collision, which may include several factors, the top one being a distraction. Thus, it’s imperative that drivers are directly focused on the road and are not distracted while driving.

3) Maintain a safe following distance

As a driver, you must not be directly behind the car that’s in front of you on the off chance that the car in front makes a sudden stop, and your car might collide with it. As such, keep a safe distance while driving. It’s suggested to be around 3-4 seconds behind the vehicle to be completely safe.

4) Slow down at all intersections.

To maintain maximum safety and be completely perceptive, you must stop at all intersections and yield the right to all cars that are allowed. Doing so will minimize the chance of collision.

5) Go to the speed limit.

Follow the speed limit on your street and make sure that you are in complete control of your car’s speed and will be able to handle the road before choosing to go any faster.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a car collision, please submit an inquiry at our website,, and get the justice you deserve.

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