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5 Things You Can Do To Build the Community This Thanksgiving

Apart from celebrating Thanksgiving solely with your family or friends, you can get involved in some community activities to help others. Read on to discover what Utah Law Firm, Robert J. DeBry & Associates, can offer the community this Thanksgiving and you too can join in. 

Promote Road Safety

Help us educate drivers on the importance of staying sober this holiday season. If you’re an Uber, Lyft, or taxi driver, you can join our free ride home program to take home drunk drivers to avoid accidents. 

Plan a Food Donation Drive

How will you feel when you realize you have a variety of meals on your dining table during Thanksgiving while the homeless may not have anything? You can set up drop-off locations for food and clothing for homeless shelters at civic organizations, schools, or local businesses. 

Volunteering at a Charitable Organization

While thanksgiving day is a happy day for many people, it can be difficult for others. A family can find out which charity organization is looking for volunteers to cook and serve meals. The family can join the community center or church and offer essential aid.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we proudly support the Utah Food Bank. You can volunteer with them this Holiday Season and help feed others in need.


Work with a Community-Oriented Law Firm Today!

Utah Law Firm, Robert J. DeBry & Associates loves working with the community, putting a smile on faces is what makes us satisfied with the work we do. 

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