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5 Celebrity Car Accidents

Car accidents happen to all of us and can range from slow fender benders to full-speed head-on collisions. We often pedestalize celebrities and think of them as superhuman, which is why celebrity car accidents cause such a stir. There have been many notorious celebrities involved in car accidents over the years. We asked our car accident lawyers to list five of the most famous celebrity car accidents they can think of:

Paul Walker

Paul Walker was the star of the Fast and Furious Franchise where he was a racer. His love for cars was not restricted to the big screen.

He was famous for his love of fast cars and racing. Unfortunately, his love of speed and cars would result in a car accident that led to his demise.

Paul Walker was involved in a car accident on November 30, 2013. His financial advisor and friend Roger Rodas who was also driving the vehicle lost control and veered off the road to hit a tree.

It was a gruesome accident that led to the death of Paul Walker.

Princess Diana

It would be impossible to mention celebrity car accidents without mentioning Princess Diana. It is probably the most famous car accident in human history.

Princess Diana was an internationally recognized and beloved figure who suffered a deadly car accident on 31st August 1997. Her death left the public distraught, and its effects are still felt to this day.

The official cause of the accident was later determined to be intoxicated driving and high speeds.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was a very popular American actress back in the 1950s. She later became the Princess of Monaco after she married Prince Rainier III in April 1956.

She was driving her 1971 Rover P6 3500 with her daughter Stephanie on her way to the Palace of Monaco when the accident occurred.

She had a stroke while driving, which led to the car somersaulting over a cliff.

She died, but fortunately, her daughter survived but sustained severe injuries.

James Dean

James Dean was a famous American actor. He died in a car accident in Cholame, California, on September 30, 1955. He was only 24 years of age.

Two hours before he died in the accident, James Dean had been stopped for speeding, and gotten a ticket. He had recently started competitive road racing and was on the way to a competition happening in Salinas, California.

He was in a brand new Porsche 550 Spyder when another car drove into his lane, and there was a collision that killed him on the spot.

Steve Prefontaine

Steve Prefontaine was a famous, record-breaking star who won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics. Unfortunately, his version of celebrating was heavy drinking.

After winning a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) event, we went to a party. Many people claimed he was not too drunk to drive when he left the party including his girlfriend.

He drove head-first into a wall, and the authorities found his body underneath his car. He was found conscious by a neighbor but died by the time help arrived.

Call A Lawyer

Many celebrity car crashes shocked the world. These are five of the most famous ones.

If you are involved in a car accident in Salt Lake City, Utah, Please contact a car accident lawyer immediately.

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