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10 Ways to Avoid Hitting a Motorcyclist or Bicyclist

10 Ways to Avoid Hitting a Motorcyclist or Bicyclist

Accidents happen. Motorcycle accidents are more dangerous. Therefore, we must be cautious to avoid hitting a motorcyclist or bicyclist. However, if you’re involved in an accident, call Robert J. DeBry and Associates and get a proficient car accident lawyer to assist you.

Useful Tips

1. Double-Check Blind Spots

Smaller vehicles are challenging to see in side-view mirrors, especially when it’s dark outside. Ensure that you check them a few times.

2. Keep Your Distance

Ensure you always maintain a few seconds behind a motorcycle to allow yourself sufficient time to respond to whatever they do. Avoid relying on brake lights to determine when to slow down.

3. Signal In Advance

Drivers need to know their route before leaving the parking lot. Avoid letting turns sneak up, and avoid changing lanes rapidly. It would help to signal 100 ft. before a turn and about 5 seconds before changing lanes. Such a practice will inform the cyclists of your intentions and ultimately influence theirs.

4. Always Turn With Caution

Allow motorists space and time to get through the intersection before turning.

5. Be Mindful When Passing

If you want to move around cyclists, leave some extra space between you and them. Ensure that you signal in advance to prepare the cyclist appropriately.

6. Keep Low Music

Maintain soft music as you can hear sirens, horns, and other sounds that can keep you aware of road hazards.

7. Keep Turning Your Head

Ensure you’re physically turning your head and looking side-to-side to confirm whether anyone is coming.

8. Be Mindful Of Lane-Splitters

Lane splitting can be dangerous when a vehicle is inappropriately switching lanes.

9. Be Cautious Of The Weather

If you encounter a cyclist in lousy weather, you should expect that they’ll drive unpredictably. Therefore, keep your distance.

10. Keep Calm

Be courteous. You wouldn’t want to pressure the cyclist; that’s when accidents occur.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Once you invest your efforts into ensuring you’re doing everything to reach your destination safely, you’ll enjoy your time on the road. However, if you encounter a bike accident, you should discuss the accident with a reliable car accident lawyer. Call Robert J. DeBry and Associates at 801-888-8888 to discuss your needs.

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