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Been in an Auto Accident? Here’s Where to Go

The worst care scenario has happened: While driving home from your kids’ baseball practice in Provo, Utah, a car runs through a red light while you’re exiting the freeway. An auto accident ensues — and although no one in your vehicle is hurt, the front end of your Subaru is pretty thrashed. The car is still capable of running — although it’s pretty torn up. What should you do? Should you move to the side of the road? Remain in the middle of the intersection until the police come? Here’s what you should do to ensure that you stay safe after an auto accident.

If Possible, Always Move Over

If you and the passengers of your vehicle don’t show any signs of serious injuries and your car is still capable of running, it’s best if you move to the side of the road and away from oncoming traffic. Never, ever leave your car in the middle of an intersection after an auto accident — unless the car is so damaged that it can’t be moved.

Turn on Your Hazard Lights

In the worst case scenario that your car can’t be moved out of that Provo intersection, the driver and passengers of the car should stay in the car with their seat belts fastened until the police arrive. Stay calm, turn on your hazard lights and set out flares or cones along the area of the accident, if you have them in your emergency car kit.

Your Safety Should Be the Primary Concern

If you’ve been in an auto accident, your first concern should be the safety of yourself and the passengers of the vehicle. This might mean moving to the shoulder of the road if you can do so safely or removing yourself from a busy Provo intersection that puts either yourself or the passengers in your car in danger. Every auto accident is different; however, your safety should always come first and foremost.

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