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Why Car Accidents Go Up When Temperatures Drop

Cold Weather and Car Accidents

The relationship between outdoor temperature levels and car accidents is complicated. Many people may think those car accidents are always more numerous during the warmer months of the year. After all, it seems like more people are on the road when it’s warm outside. They’re trying to enjoy the hot weather, visiting different places in the process. However, in practice, declining temperatures can often cause many car accidents, in which you might need a personal injury attorney. 

When temperatures decrease, it often gets snowy or rainy. Almost every personal injury attorney has had to help an injured client in a road accident involving the weather. The roads’ pavement will have less friction when the roads are wet, especially if the streets have a lot of ice or snow. Drivers cannot maneuver their vehicles effectively under those circumstances, especially if the drivers have less experience on the road.

There are plenty of climates where it gets rainy in the winter and not snowy. People in those climates might feel safer. Car accidents are still more likely to occur on rainy days, especially when it’s actively raining. Rain can reduce the visibility that drivers need. The rain can also bounce off the vehicles, making it even harder for everyone to see and creating new distractions. The professionals at the Robert J. Debry & Associates legal firm have had to help many people who suffered from terrible car accidents under these circumstances.

Personal Injury Attorneys can help!

To make matters worse, people do not always drive responsibly in the rain or when it snows. Almost every personal injury attorney has worked on cases where it was clear that the driver was operating a vehicle negligently in these situations. Even the people who try to drive carefully in this weather will sometimes end up being too cautious, causing additional risks to other drivers in the process. The people who don’t want to adjust their driving habits might cause accidents when it’s cold.

A personal injury attorney can help people who are injured in these types of road accidents. People need to be ready for all of the different consequences of bad weather, and they may need help along the way.

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