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Who is at fault in a commercial truck accident?

When it comes to commercial truck accidents, people may wonder who is liable for causing an accident. While these cases can be confusing, some factors come into play when determining who is at fault. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we will provide a truck accident lawyer for you to look at all valuable considerations when determining who is at fault.

Defaulter in a Commercial Truck Accident

According to 2018 statistics, 376 vehicle accidents were fatal, with thirty-four of them including significant truck accidents. Therefore driving these heavy vehicles requires proper skill and accuracy. Usually, crucial commercial truck drivers are blamed for most trucking collisions. Though, manufacturing firms and trucking firms can also be held responsible for the accidents. Our truck accident lawyer will consider all the relevant parties to help you determine who is at fault.

The Truck Driver

In case of an accident, truck drivers are liable if they fail to follow the federal laws outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Some of these laws include;

  • Prohibition of driving when drunk or under drug influence
  • Following proper rest time
  • Recording accurate data in logbooks on time
  • Always have a valid driver’s license
  • Observing all post and road signs
  • Following all sleep requirements
  • No driving while distracted

If truck drivers cause an accident due to breaking any rule, they are held accountable.

The Manufacturing Firm

At times, drivers can follow all the necessary rules, but if the truck is not in proper condition, the driver can still cause an accident. If parts such as brakes, steering systems, or headlights are defective, the manufacturing firms can be held liable. The person in charge of repair and inspection in the manufacturing firm can also be held accountable.

The Trucking Firm

Any trucking firm is responsible for adequately vetting their drivers by ensuring they are well trained and not over-worked. So, in case a driver fails to have valid credentials before driving, the firm can be held accountable for an accident.

Is a Truck Accident Lawyer Necessary?

Liability matters can be a tussle to solve, and by choosing us to work on your case, we will ensure more efficiency and maximize your compensation.

Are you looking for a truck accident lawyer? Look no further; Robert J. DeBry & Associates has the best team to deliver efficient and effective results. For more information about us, visit our website at to chat live with us or fill out a form for a free consultation. 

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