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What To Do In Case Of A Dog Bite

Dogs are widely regarded as “man’s best friend.” Sadly, the image of the devoted, loving canine encourages people to relax their guard when they find themselves around dogs, even if they are unfamiliar with dogs. The result is that the dogs can bite them, which is a personal injury case. The following is what to do in case of a dog bite:

Address The Wound

Most dog bites barely pierce the skin, whereas others cause major blood loss. Apply gentle pressure to the area with an absorbent towel or cloth, and check the damage regularly to determine if the bleeding has ceased.

If you can’t stop the bleeding, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room immediately. Because of the possibility of severe blood loss, serious wounds and injuries sustained from dog bites to the face and head should always be addressed promptly.

Clean and disinfect the location of the wound and the area around it with soap and warm water. Bacteria in dogs’ mouths can cause severe infection if ignored.

Use a sterile dressing like a bandage, or gauze, once the bleeding from the dog bite has subsided and you have thoroughly cleaned it. If you have antibiotic cream or ointment available, dab a small quantity on the wound before dressing the wound.

Even after first aid, it is always advisable to seek medical attention from a professional doctor after a dog bite.

Obtain The Dog Owner’s Information

To take legal steps, you must first determine who owns the dog. Get information about the dog

owner, including their name, address, contact information, information on dog vaccinations, and their homeowners or renters’ insurance information.

Take Pictures and Video of The Bite

Photographs of the dog bite and any additional wounds you experience are required to demonstrate the harm you have endured. You can shoot the photos yourself or have someone else do it if you can’t find a good perspective or are handicapped.

If anyone witnessed the event, gather their name and contact information, and inquire about what they observed. Witness testimony can help prove your claim.

Talk To a Lawyer

While you concentrate on getting better, a Utah personal injury lawyer will deal with the legal concerns in your case. Your lawyer can gather the appropriate proof, quantify your losses, and negotiate an acceptable settlement with the insurance firm.

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