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What To Do If You’ve Suffered An Injury During A Spectator Sport

Personal Injury? Consider Contacting Personal Injury Lawyers

The last thing on your mind when you attend a sporting event is that you or a loved one will suffer a serious injury. You’ve left the house ready to enjoy a relaxing evening of baseball or perhaps an auto racing event in your home town. And then tragedy strikes.

A batter hits a foul ball that strikes your child before you can react, or a race car careens over retaining walls and disintegrates in mid-air, launching metal debris and tires into the stands, you vaguely remember and awake in the hospital, tubes running out of you, censors and monitors and pain.

No one thinks of it happening. You certainly didn’t. But it did. What now? What do you do?

Injuries at sporting events, while not common, do happen and sometimes result in death.

In 2018 the University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted a study on spectator injuries and found 181 dating back to 2000, with 62 fatalities. And while some recent efforts to protect fans have begun, it’s been far too little and far too late.

In the appropriate case, those responsible, whether ownership of sports teams or stadiums or race car teams or manufacturers, can be held accountable for your medical bills, lost work, and pain and suffering.

If you suffer a severe injury you deserve to be made whole.

What do you do? You contact the personal injury lawyers of Robert J. DeBry & Associates.

Robert J. DeBry & Associates are the top personal injury lawyers in Utah with over 250 years combined experience. They represent the injured because they care about people, and they know that insurance companies seldom provide full compensation on their own.

If you have suffered a serious injury at a spectator sporting event, immediately seek medical attention, then contact the personal injury lawyers at Robert J. DeBry & Associates

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