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Guide: What To Do If You Are Injured on Someone Else’s Property

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: Steps to take after being injured on someone else’s property

Chapter 3: What are Premises Liability Causes? 

Chapter 4: Why are Personal Injury Lawyers Necessary?

Chapter 5: Common Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall Cases
Chapter 6: How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You


Chapter 1: Introduction  

In the United States alone, accidents are the leading cause of deaths and life-changing injuries. An average of 150,000 people lose their lives, and more than 3 million others suffer non-fatal injuries every year. The amount of pain that the families of the deceased and the survivors of accidents is immeasurable. It brings about psychological turmoil and outstanding medical bills that unduly eat into the family’s finances. Luckily, it is possible to take legal action against the perpetrators and have them take care of the bills resulting from accidents.

If you are seeking legal assistance after an accident, Robert J. DeBry & Associates can help. We are one of the most prominent law firms in Utah and the United States, offering the best personal injury lawyers for car accidents and wrongful deaths. We have a reputation for standing up to insurance companies for compensation to people who accidentally find themselves victims of accidents.


Chapter 2: Steps to take after being injured on someone else’s property

Safety is not guaranteed when working with someone’s property or within your employer’s premises. Suppose you work with a company dealing with chemical-related products, heavy machinery, and manual material handling that endangers your life and general health. In that case, you need to get a personal injury lawyer. 

Here are the first steps to take after being injured on someone else’s property: 

  1. Immediately seek medical attention

Once you suspect you are injured, it’s good to seek a medical check-up. Ensure you explain to doctors precisely what happened to cause your injuries. Keep medical reports as well.

  1. Keep evidence

If you are not under critical condition, use your phone camera and take photos that can show the injury scene. In addition, gather and preserve other important information relevant to evidence.

  1. Report the incident to the property management or file a case with the help of our company

Now that you have everything that supports you getting injured on someone else’s property ensure that you inform the property management that you got injuries if they are unaware. However, it’s good to visit us at; we can assign you a personal injury lawyer. 


Chapter 3: What are Premises Liability Causes? 

If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property, our lawyers will help you seek compensation for your claim. 

What is Premises Liability Law?

Premises liability laws refer to the rule that holds landowners liable when a guest gets hurt on their property due to an unsafe or defective condition. Like many other personal injuries, premises liability cases are based on negligence; the owner fails to keep the property safe.

When securing premises liability, the injured person or their injury lawyer must be able to prove the property owner’s negligence. Proof should be in connection with the maintenance of the property. Sometimes it’s important to note that a person’s injury doesn’t mean they were negligent. In this case, you must prove the owner was aware of the danger on the premises and failed to amend the situation.

Property Owner’s Duty of Care

Some states oblige property owners to exercise care in the maintenance and ownership of the property; this regards all persons who might enter the property. There are three categories of all visitors:

  • Invitees: this is someone to who the landowner has extended an invitation or permission. The landowner owes an invitee a duty of care to keep the property safe.
  • Trespassers: someone who is not authorized to enter the property. The landowners owe no duty of care to trespassers except for children. Property owners must avoid foreseeable risks of harm to children.
  • Licensees: someone, the landowner, invites but comes for their agendas. The landowner owned a licensee a duty of care by informing them of a dangerous condition on their property.

Below are the premises liability causes:

  • Slip and fall
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Inadequate building security

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, you can speak to an attorney at no cost by calling (801) 888-8888. We have experienced attorneys and can help you claim compensation.


Chapter 4: Why are Personal Injury Lawyers Necessary?


Property owners’ responsibility is to make sure their invitees are reasonably protected from unreasonable harm while on their property. However, not every place is safe or up to code. That is where Robert J. DeBry & Associates comes in. When an owner neglects their obligation to inspect, repair or adequately warn, then every visitor is a suspect of potential injury. Uneven staircases, wet floors, poorly lit spaces, dog bites, and inadequate security are just some examples of the different ways in which one can acquire an injury due to a building or area that has violated necessary safety codes. If you have obtained an injury on someone else’s property, you may need a personal injury lawyer.

What To Do After the Injury

After getting injured, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention and, if possible, take pictures of the scene. You will also need to find and record the contact details of anyone who witnessed you get hurt or can attest to the conditions that resulted in the injury. Lastly, preserve all of your receipts and medical records. The more evidence you collect and document, the more accessible filing a personal injury claim will be.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we understand how overwhelming the legal process can be; our law firm has professional personal injury lawyers ready to help victims like you. We have over 250 years of combined experience getting the reparations and justice our clients deserve.


Chapter 5: Common Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall Cases 

Injuries can occur anywhere, regardless of how safe you deem the place. Whether it be offices, stadiums, walkways, or stores. Over ten million people in the United States receive injuries through falls at home, work, and other public and private places. About thirty-four thousand people find their deaths in the accidents each year. The damages often depend on what caused the fall: is it a slip or trip.

Injuries resulting from trips and slips fall in different cases, taking different legal directions. In most cases, the significant difference between trips and slips is the significance of falling, but if you are unsure of the kind of fall you’ve encountered and the kind of action to take on the particular case, contact our injury lawyer at for more information.

Joint slip and fall injuries

Slips arise when you lose footing due to conditions on the surface. They happen for different instances, which include:

  • Liquid spills
  • Snow and ice
  • Moist foods, water puddles

Slips result in falls whereby you cannot maintain balance because of losing footing. A typical slip and fall injury happens in the kitchen.

As the person slips forward, their falling will be backward. The backward fall and the force to stop it can result in injuries like a broken hip, ruptured discs, and torn back muscles. After experiencing a slip and you are still unsure of the legal measures to take, contact a personal injury lawyer from to provide proper guidance.

Joint trip and fall cases

Trips occur once a leg’s motion unexpectedly changes. For instance, when a foot catches an obstacle leading to loss of balance or shifting your footing. Trips are cases of the following.

  • Rippled, torn, or loose carpet
  • Objects on the floor
  • Changes in elevation
  • Crumbling or cracked steps
  • Broken flooring

Trips result in falls because the forward momentum leads to poor balance. As a result, you fall forward, leading to distinctive injuries like facial bruises, strained neck, skull, fractured leg, torn ligaments, or brain injury.

With an understanding of the potential injuries, you can confidently take legal steps to file a claim. If you encounter such events, contact us through, and we will assign you a personal injury lawyer based on your particular fall case.


Chapter 6: How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Anyone involved in a personal injury case should consider their options based on the injuries sustained. A personal injury attorney helps clients achieve satisfaction when exposed to irresponsible actions. Robert J. DeBry & Associates is a legal firm with extensive experience in providing legal assistance in personal injury cases. 

These are some ways that clients can expect help in this type of situation:

  1. Attorneys can offer legal advice

An experienced personal injury attorney will walk the client through the entire legal process from beginning to end, clarifying negligence and limiting the stress associated with the process. Additional advice often includes:

  • To seek alternative medical consultation for the specific case
  • Advice on whether a criminal or civil case should be followed or whether legal action is warranted or viable
  • Costs involved and payments
  1. Have your rights explained

A personal injury attorney will describe the rights involved in the case or explain individual rights when involved in a personal injury accident. Whatever the unique circumstances are, a Robert J. DeBry & Associates personal injury attorney will clarify their legal rights at a specific point to the client.

  1. Court representation

Clients can anticipate their attorney appearing in court to defend their case. Preferably, the attorney will pursue an out-of-court settlement, which will benefit the client. Should the insurance company refuse to settle a claim, the only viable route may be to take the case to trial.

Our personal injury attorneys will come to you – your home or the hospital, or wherever needed to help after an accident. To contact a Robert J. DeBry & Associates personal injury attorney, call (801) 888-8888. A legal representative will be able to take your call 24/7. 

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