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What Kinds of Car Accidents Need a Lawyer

There are many different types and severities with car accidents, but do all of them require a car accident lawyer? Fender benders, side-swipes, parking-lot incidences, etc. are common accidents that can sometimes seem harmless. Then there are rollovers, T-bones and just flat out bad accidents. Surely, these major accidents require the help of a car accident lawyer and those smaller ones do not, right?

Not quite. No matter the severity, a car accident lawyer may be needed to help settle a particularly tricky or stubborn case.

You might have a large accident with multiple injuries, but some people might be able to find a way to receive the compensation they need to make up for any loses and side-effects. Obviously, as a law firm, we are confident that our personal injury/car accident lawyers will be able to give anyone the coverage they deserve, but some accidents may not require any legal help. However, the ones that do are the ones where the fault is not settled or a stubbornness persists on one side (or both) of the involved parties.

Settling Fault

Arguably the most common dispute that comes from an accident is finding who is truly at fault. When two vehicles change lanes into the same lane and hit each other, who is at fault? If someone is backing out of a parking spot while someone is driving by, who was there first? These two situations are just examples of when and why people might not want to accept fault. A car accident lawyer knows the law and come in and analyze the situation and find enough evidence to prove someone’s fault.

Resolving Stubbornness

Don’t worry, we understand that “stubbornness” is an interesting way to categorize the type of car accident that requires the help of a car accident lawyer, however, for the purpose of this blog, it works — let us explain.

One of the biggest issues people have with resolving their accident stems from some form of stubbornness (simply put). The fault may be accepted by one party, but there may be a dispute with how much it costs to repair the vehicle involved or the amount for any related medical bills. There are just some individuals and insurance companies that will not accept the estimated or actual cost of compensation. This also could be because they don’t believe they are responsible for all the damages done to the individual or vehicle or something else.

In these cases, it is nice to have a professional legal assistant on your side to press the third-party for you. Car accident lawyers know what it takes to prove fault and actual compensation costs and can tackle the stubbornness of individuals or entire entities.

Car accident lawyers are utilized in multiple ways, and settling fault and resolving one side of the involved parties’ stubbornness are more appropriate indicators of when one is needed. It matters less with the severity (though, larger accidents with long-lasting injuries might bring more confusion to the compensation) and has more to do with the situation and communication between the two parties involved. If you need any help with an accident you’ve been in recently, big or small, call us today!

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