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What Is Next In Car Safety Systems? 

Companies like Tesla are developing new technology daily. The auto industry is continuously working on reducing the risk of accidents in vehicles. If you are wondering how safe your vehicle is in an accident, look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash tests. They can tell you exactly how your car will handle certain accidents. Here are a few new developments that have been announced for future vehicles at recent car shows. 

Bird’s Eye View

The 360-degree camera combines four different cameras to give the driver a complete view of their surroundings. This will undoubtedly help reduce back up accidents from oncoming traffic and blind spot accidents. 

External Airbags

Safety suppliers are now developing technology that doesn’t just protect drivers from accidents but can protect their cars from accidents as well. External airbags are being created so that people who have accidents are protected from the whole process of paying for their cars to be fixed. As car accident lawyers, we have seen how much money exterior damage on a vehicle can cost owners and insurance companies. This change will save people a lot of money. 

No Blind Spots

New see-through pillars are being developed for cars for 360 windows. The pillars in between windows in the vehicle will be seen through screens and cameras. Bikers and pedestrians will be much more protected with this new technology.  This will drastically reduce the number of fatalities on the roads. In 2008, 6,227 pedestrians were killed in the United States, a record high. As car accident lawyers we have seen a variety of cases like this and are eager to help anyone experiencing this. We are excited to see this change made.

Night Vision Safety Technology

This technology uses infrared light to detect animals or pedestrians four times as far as headlights can see. This will help night drivers avoid accidents and unseen threats. Considering that there are 253,000 animal-vehicle accidents yearly in the United States, this technology would save a lot of lives, both human and animal. Environmentalists and car accident lawyers alike will be excited to see these numbers go down. 

Pedestrian Detection and Breaking

Vehicles being developed with this technology have a radar that can detect pedestrians or bikers in front of the vehicle and will stop vehicles automatically if it is going under 10 mph. 

No matter what safety features are in your car at the time of an accident, give us a call. As car accident lawyers we can help you know what your next steps should be. If you are injured or are close to someone who died in a car accident, speak with our car accident lawyers to get a consultation about your accident. They can help you to save money from insurance companies and help you get more information about your situation. For now, safe driving!

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