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What is Facet Joint Injury?

Have you recently experienced back pain, shoulder pain, or leg pain? If so, you might have a facet joint injury. While facet joint injuries are common, they’re also relatively misunderstood. Despite their prevalence, many people don’t know what they are, what causes them, and how they can be treated—but we’re here to help. Robert J. DeBry & Associates, experienced personal injury lawyers want to tell you more about what facet joint injury is and how it can affect people who suffer from a back injury or neck injury.

The facet joint is a small, specialized joint that sits between two vertebrae in the spine. It’s responsible for keeping your spine stable and flexible while you move. When the joint becomes injured or degenerates, it can cause pain and discomfort, leading to decreased mobility and quality of life. When the facet joint is injured, it can lead to long-term injuries and other complications.

What Causes a Facet Joint Injury?

You can experience a facet joint injury through several causes: trauma, accidents like car crashes or falls, repetitive stress injury from physical labor or sports, or advanced age. Some of these causes are unavoidable, but one can prevent some by taking proper care of your body and using the appropriate safety equipment when you work out or engage in sports. If you are unsure whether your injury cause has a case, consulting a personal injury lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates should be your first step. We will assist you in determining the procedures you need to take to make sure your health and mobility are restored or compensated.

What are the Symptoms of a Facet Joint Injury?

Facet joint injuries often cause pain in the neck and lower back areas and stiffness and mobility problems. People with facet joint injuries may have trouble standing straight or walking for long periods. It may also get worse after sitting for an extended period.

Should you Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Facet joint injury can be severe and can lead to other joint problems. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, our legal team at Robert J. DeBry & Associates can help you put together your case and ensure you get the legally authorized amount of compensation for your injuries.


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