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What is a Wrongful Death?

From car accidents to personal injuries, there are a variety of circumstances that may require you to reach out for legal help, however, nothing is as damaging and heartbreaking as having to contact a wrongful death attorney after the passing of a loved one. Wrongful death is defined as the outcome when a negligent party causes the death of another individual(s), which include murder, auto accidents, medical malpractice and poisoning. 

There are a reported 140,000 plus wrongful deaths every year in the United States; that is about 40 deaths per 100,000 people. These deaths are the number four cause of all deaths.

Breakdown of Wrongful Death Causes

There are several different causes when it comes to a wrongful death case, and amongst the 146,571 deaths in a single year, unintentional falls, traffic deaths, and unintentional poisoning lead all categories. 

Unintentional Falls – According to a wrongful death attorney, these deaths are a result of falling from a significant height or onto a hard surface with tremendous power (i.e. slips, trips). In one year, 33,381 lost their lives from this cause.

Traffic Deaths Auto accidents are another leading cause when it comes to wrongful deaths. 37,757 died in car accidents around the country within 365 days. 

Unintentional Poisoning – Consisting of an overdose of alcohol, prescription drugs, or other drugs, another 47,478 died in a single year.

Who Can Sue for a Wrongful Death?

If you’ve experienced the passing of a loved one in an accident, contact a wrongful death attorney at Robert J. DeBry and Associates. Those who can file a wrongful death claim include representatives of the estate of the deceased victim, such as family members and spouses. This means that a spouse may file a claim on behalf of his or her deceased partner. Parents of a minor can also file a claim if a child is killed; minors can do the same if their parents pass away in an accident as well. 

How to Prove a Wrongful Death

In order to prove a wrongful death case, the plaintiffs must show that the death of the victim was caused by another individual’s negligence or another’s intent to cause harm. Considering it is likely that the surviving family members may experience financial problems due to injuries, lost wages, funeral costs and more, the appointment of a wrongful death attorney can help significantly. A wrongful death attorney will fight for the compensation you deserve by proving your case by making your claim.

We understand that you and your family are not only struggling financially but also emotionally. Our wrongful death attorneys want to help you move forward with as much ease as possible, so please, don’t hesitate to give us at Robert J. DeBry—we are here to take your case with solemn confidence.


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