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The Verdict on Car Rear-View Cameras: Helpful or Harmful?

With rear-view cameras becoming a staple in most new car models, the debate over these safety devices continues to evolve. Do rear-view cameras prevent accidents and injuries, or do they contribute to them? At Robert J DeBry, we realize that there are usually two sides to a story — and that it’s equally important to know both the pros and the cons of any safety device.

Every auto accident lawyer from Salt Lake City throughout the Midwest has made rear-view cameras a permanent part of his or her radar for good reason: Used correctly, these cameras can be a lifesaver. Used incorrectly, however, they can be devastating. Here’s a look at both sides of the controversy surrounding rear-view cameras.

The Pros: Preventing Auto Accidents and Injuries

One of the primary goals of rear-view cameras is to prevent the likelihood of an auto accident or injury. These safety devices offer a detailed view of objects behind your vehicle, reducing the probability of accidentally knocking over your neighbor’s trashcan in your urban Salt Lake City neighborhood.

Statistically, 210 deaths and 15,000 injuries involving vehicles in reverse occur every year. Sadly, most of these accidents involve children between the ages of three and 12. The victims of these accidents are not limited by location; they can happen in Salt Lake City or on the East Coast — making rear-view cameras a valuable tool for people everywhere.

The Cons: Distracted Driving, Heavy Reliance

On the flip side, there’s substantial support behind the idea that these rear-view cameras actually contribute to higher auto accident rates. Some of the primary reasons behind this school of thought involve an emphasis on distracted drivers; unfortunately, some drivers focus on rear-view cameras so intently they neglect to check objects in their peripheral vision.

From the perspective of a lawyer who has been involved in rear-view camera cases, one conclusion is certain: these cameras shouldn’t be relied upon solely for 100 percent safety while backing up. Used correctly, however, these cameras can make for advantageous accident-prevention tools.

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