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Utah’s Recent Involvement With Defective Products

Consumer confidence is a vital part of any company’s success. Customers, in Utah and throughout the United States, should be able to trust that purchased products will perform as promised. Despite this very basic expectation, there are still defective products sold each and every day. When these products harm a consumer, it is important that a victim speak with a team of skilled personal injury lawyers to find out about his or her respective legal options.

Defective products are varied and can be found in any industry. The most common industries include: household appliances and electronics, motor vehicles and parts, medical equipment, children’s toys, harmful pharmaceuticals and food products. These defective products can lead to serious injury and—in some cases—wrongful death.

In the 2014, Utah alone had several product liability lawsuits. One of these was with a window company where many homes were damaged due to the installation of faulty windows. Another case involved water bottles that exploded upon impact causing several problems in restaurants and stores.

Many people—family and friends included—know of someone who has been negatively impacted by a defective product. Here at Robert J. Debry, we know how serious this can be. We are dedicated to helping Utahns get the help they need in any personal injury case, whether is arise from an issue of wrongful death or something else.

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