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Tips for Driving in the Fog Like a Pro

Driving in fog — or smog — has the potential to turn familiar roads into treacherously foreign highways. Deprived of the visual landmarks that once made driving home from work an easy endeavor, fog can disassociate you from your surroundings, resulting in heightened stress levels and decision-making peppered with a tinge of irrationality. Every auto accident lawyer from St. George to the East Coast can agree that there’s both a right and a wrong way to navigate driving in the fog.

So how can you safely navigate driving in the fog, even when you’re convinced that you should just pull over and give up? Whether you’re in St. George or the Midwest, any auto accident lawyer can confirm that the following tips can help substantially reduce the chance of a collision.

Low-Beam Headlights Increase Visibility

There is a strange trend among drivers that compels them to actually turn off their lights while driving in the fog. This may be a result of the belief that their headlights are reflecting off of the fog/smog and consequently blinding them; however, turning off your headlights increases your chance of a collision. Whether you’re in St. George or the Midwest, any auto accident lawyer will tell you that your headlights make it possible for other people to see you. Just remember to use your low-beam headlights, not your high-beam headlights. Additionally, if you have fog lights, using these will also be a no-brainer.

Follow the Yellow Brick…Lines

The lines on the road will become your best friend when driving in heavy fog or smog. Drivers will subconsciously drift toward lights — and oncoming traffic. However, you an avoid this dangerous scenario by watching the lines on the road to ensure that you’re staying safely within the confines of your lane. It’s easy to become transfixed while doing this, so make sure that you keep your eyes moving.

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