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Three Cases When Hiring a Car Accident Attorney is Critical

Car Accident? Hire a Car Accident Attorney

With nearly 95% of American households owning at least one car, the United States is one of the most vehicle-reliant countries on planet Earth. Despite ongoing efforts to educate drivers about car accident risk factors and ever-increasing vehicle safety ratings, roughly 4.5 million Americans suffer car accident-related injuries severe enough to prompt medical treatment.

Even if you’re a safe driver — never exceeding the speed limit, frequently triple-checking lines of sight, and refusing to drive when harsh weather is on the horizon — car accidents are always just one mistake away. In many cases, these good drivers just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when they get involved in wrecks.

Professional Drivers

Tens of thousands of 18-wheelers can be found across North America’s roadways at any time. Unlike individuals, the companies who own and operate these semi-trucks usually have more time and money to pursue legal cases. Professional drivers, including the companies that employ them, will also typically have more experience than you in handling car accident-related litigation.

By bringing an experienced law firm such as Robert J. Debry & Associates to court, you’ll find yourself on an even playing field with the professional driver or company involved.

You’ve Been Seriously Injured

Proving the legitimacy and seriousness of an injury post-accident can be difficult. Many car accident victims fail to document their cases or follow car accident attorney-recommended protocol, resulting in poor legal defense. Rather than taking on the world yourself, hiring a car accident attorney is a must-do after suffering a significant accident-related injury.

The Other Driver Threatens You

As we’ve already established, car accidents are typically emotionally charged events. It’s normal for people to feel a range of intense emotions that they rarely experience, let alone all at once.

Some drivers may attempt to intimidate others after accidents. Instead of being the more mature party and leaving these emotional or behavioral problems in the past, you may benefit from lawyering up. Properly preparing for a car accident case is infinitely more valuable than any intimidation tactics — don’t let your chance slide by.

If you are looking for a car accident attorney, contact us today to get your claim started.

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