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The Story of Brian Wells 

The story of Brian Wells is about a pizza delivery guy, a bomb collar, and a bank robbery. If not for losing his life, he could have gotten a personal injury lawyer and built a case against them. Please consult us at Robert J. DeBry & Associates for a professional, experienced lawyer.

The Collar Heist

Wells and his counterparts set a detailed plan in motion on August 28th, 2003. Wells delivered his last pizza and made his next stop at a PNC bank in Erie, where he was to steal $250,000 while wearing a homemade collar bomb. This was the first task of a scavenger hunt that he claimed would save his life. When police showed up, he explained that he was held hostage and dressed in a collar bomb against his will, and if he didn’t complete the scavenger hunt, they would kill him. While waiting for the bomb squad to arrive, the collar bomb went off, and after a few struggling breaths, Wells died on the pavement he was seated on. Initially, Wells thought he was an active planner in the robbery but would realize that his diabolical accomplices Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, Bill Rothstein, and Kenneth Barnes made him an unwilling participant.

The case unveiling

The scavenger hunt was intended to sell the hostage story and throw the police off. Rothstein broke first and gave up Marjoriefor having him store a corpse in his freezer. Rothstein would have a better chance with a personal injury lawyer for his case. When questioned, Marjorie tried to pin Rothstein as the mastermind since he had already died. While investigating, the FBI got another tip involving Kenneth Barnes, who confirmed their suspicion that Marjorie was the mastermind. Somewhere along the planning phase, they deceived Wells that he would be wearing a fake bomb. However, that day, he discovered it was accurate when it was too late.


Brian Wells went from being a planner to being the only murder victim of a Bank Heist. The bank teller went through emotional distress and would need a personal injury lawyer for her case. For cases such as these Personal Injury lawyers are used to build cases and file for compensation. Here at Robert J. DeBry & Associates we analyze cases such as these and help those who need to build cases for wrongful death, injury and more.

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