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The Nancy Grace Case

Nancy Grace is one of the most famous American legal commentators and a former Atlanta prosecutor. She is eminent for her TV show “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.” There are dark stories from Nancy grace’s past that she claims to inspire her to follow countless trials and help find missing children. In 1979, while studying literature at Mercer University, she was engaged. Her fiancé was 23-year-old Keith Griffin, a geology student. He also worked part-time at Ingram Construction Company. Their love story, however, came to an untimely death in August 1979.

Tommy McCoy, a former co-worker of Keith, shot him dead on US Route 278. Keith’s murder plunged Grace into depression and shattered her world to the extent that she dropped out of school. McCoy, a man who didn’t have a criminal record before, was convicted of murder and served 25 years in prison. Nancy Grace’s story paints the haunting experience of people who lose their loved ones over wrongful deaths. Good enough, there are reputable law firms with great wrongful death lawyers that help families seek justice for the wrongful deaths of their family members.

Tips on Finding the Best Wrongful Death Lawyer

The first thing to look for in a wrongful death lawyer is their expertise in the field. Hiring a lawyer with minimal expertise would unduly earn money and not give you the best legal services is not worthwhile. Check on the lawyer’s case-winning percentage and settle for one that has won many cases before.

Secondly, previewing a lawyer’s past client’s reviews is wise before engaging them. The reviews will give you a hint about the level of dedication of the lawyer before hiring them.

While seeking legal justice, the amount of money you spend should be reasonable, depending on the type of case. Therefore, checking the rates a wrongful death lawyer charges before hiring them is reasonable. A good lawyer should not make you go for hefty loans or mortgage your house for their services.


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