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The Complete Guide to Motorcycle Safety Gear

Motorcycling is fun, healthy, adventurous, and a convenient means of transportation. However, it’s also almost inherently risky. Motorists could get into accidents that cause serious injuries or, worse, death. 

You have a better chance of protecting yourself from motorcycle injuries with motorcycle safety gear. Why not be safe now and avoid being sorry later?

Stay Safe With These Motorcycling Gear

Whether you’re running a short errand near your residence or are going on a long weekend trip, it is recommended a rider should always have their gear on.

  • Helmet. You can get either a full head helmet or a ¾ helmet to protect your head and face better. These helmets usually feature eye protection (or visors) in multiple finishes, from clear to color variations to light or dark tint.
  • Jacket. A well-fitting jacket of your preferred material and style to optimize comfort. Another thing to look at is the visibility of the jacket for the nights ahead—reflective stripes will do the trick.
  • Pants. You’ll need a good pair of pants to stay comfortable and ride safely. Leather pants are durable and offer abrasion resistance. For this reason, many people prefer them. 
  • Boots. Over the ankle boots will protect your feet from riding hazards like hot exhaust pipes. Footwear that offers a strong grip on the ground and protects your tibia fully is recommended. You can also go with all-weather boots that are perfect for any outdoor setting.

Why Bother With Motorcycle Safety Gear?

Good safety gear will protect you from the harsh sun, rain, wind, and even flying debris. However, the greatest benefit of all is crash protection. Whether it’s crashing on the hard pavements or colliding with other motorists, good gear will armor your joints and protect you from serious injuries.

Why You May Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Sometimes, accidents can occur even if you put on motorcycle safety gear and adhere to traffic rules. A motorcycle accident lawyer will help investigate your case and determine the liable party in such a case. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we are available for consultations 24/7. 

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