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Why Should You Take a Motorcycle Safety Course? Here Are 5 Good Reasons

Whether you’re a novice motorcycle rider with a brand new Kawasaki Ninja or a veteran rider with a classic Harley, enrolling in a motorcycle safety course is never a bad idea. Not only do motorcycle safety courses help you brush up on your skills and reduce your chances of getting into a motorcycle accident (and having to call your lawyer), completing a safety course can also help you get your motorcycle license faster and even save you money on insurance.

Motorcycle Safety Courses Are Everywhere

Motorcycle safety courses are offered in all major urban areas in the United States, from Salt Lake City to the East Coast. Typically hosted at local colleges and universities, motorcycle dealerships and other community locations, classes are offered both during the workweek and on the weekends in order to accommodate for people’s schedules. For example, many basic rider courses in Utah are offered through the Salt Lake City Community College, the Salt Lake City division of Harley-Davidson and the Utah Motorcyclist Association.

Motorcycle Safety Courses Teach Lifelong Skills

As any knowledgeable lawyer will tell you, motorcyclists are far more susceptible to injuries and fatalities than your average car driver — and novice motorcyclists are even more likely to get into an accident. In fact, more than half of all motorcycle accident situations involve riders who have fewer than five months’ experience on the bike. Motorcycle safety courses teach motorcycle enthusiasts to ride smart, keeping a close eye out for potential hazards and other drivers. In addition, safety courses teach riders all the necessary skills they’ll need to avoid a potential motorcycle accident — and a call to their lawyer.

Motorcycle Safety Courses Offer Specialized Training

In addition to the basic rider course, motorcycle safety courses offer classes for intermediate and experienced riders to hone their skills, as well as classes for those who are just a little rusty. There are also courses offered just for scooters, for those who live in urban areas such as Salt Lake City and are looking for a more convenient way to get around. For those who are big proponents of the motorcycle safety mission, there are even classes available to become a motorcycle safety instructor yourself.

Motorcycle Safety Courses Help You Get Your License Quicker

For the novice rider who’s looking for a way to get started, motorcycle safety courses can expedite the process of getting your license. Depending on the state, completion of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation or other recognized program can allow you to bypass the riding portion or written portion of the license exam — or both parts of the exam.

For instance, if you complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Beginning Rider Course in Salt Lake City, you will not have to have to take the riding (skills) portion of the Utah motorcycle exam in order to get your license. Different states have different requirements, however, so it’s best to look up the details or ask a lawyer prior to enrolling in a safety course.

Motorcycle Safety Courses Can Save You Money

In addition to saving you money on a motorcycle accident lawyer somewhere down the line, successful completion of a motorcycle safety course can net you significant discounts on your motorcycle insurance — or even a discount on your new bike. Many insurance providers offer discounts on motorcycle insurance if you have completed a motorcycle safety course: typically between 5–20 percent. This discount is not limited to new riders, either.

In addition, some motorcycle manufacturers will offer refunds or discounts for those who have completed a MSF course. When buying a new bike, check with the salesperson to see if your manufacturer offers any discounts.

Whether you’re looking to ride your new bike around Salt Lake City or through the Midwest, motorcycle safety courses come with a bunch of perks. Check out courses offered near you today, and take the time to learn the basics — it may just save you a pretty penny on a motorcycle accident lawyer in the future.

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