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Why You Shouldn’t J-Walk

Cars are pretty much everywhere you look in Ogden, Utah, which means that there is the ever present threat of a car accident, not just for other vehicles, but also pedestrians walking around the streets. One of the ways to decrease your likelihood of being hit and needing an attorney is by avoiding jaywalking, even though this is often pretty tempting.


Because Jaywalking is illegal, you can get fined for doing it. Jaywalking is crossing a road without being at a crosswalk or crossing at a light without the signal to do so. There are many reasons to not do this, as it is actually very dangerous, but it’s also more than likely true that you would rather walk a few extra blocks to a stoplight than pay a fine and risk your well-being.

Death or Injury

Like anyone else, avoiding a serious injury or death is probably one of your top priorities. Many people are injured every year, or die, because of jaywalking. The human body is no match to the vehicular strength of a car. A Car accident or call to your attorney are not always avoidable, but sticking to crosswalks and obeying traffic lights decrease you chances.


The law established to discourage jaywalking is fairly modern. However, that does not mean that it is any less important. You may think of jaywalking as being a silly law that no one really pays attention to, but this isn’t exactly true; because it is a law means that there must be genuine concern. Just like you expect cars to obey the traffic laws, so should pedestrians.


As mentioned before, cars have an advantage over the human body. Not only that, but many times the pedestrian is more likely to see a car before the car may see them. You also probably can’t perfectly calculate how fast a car is going or the distance it is away from you. One bad calculation could mean your involvement in a car accident and dealing with an attorney.

If you or someone you know has been in a jaywalking or car accident, contact our attorney team here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates. We will do all we can to resolve your case.


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