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Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Anyone involved in a car accident faces whether or not to hire a car accident lawyer. Much depends on the severity of the accident, but generally, a lawyer on your side cannot hurt.

Here are a few thoughts on the subject:

A Car Accident Lawyer Has Your Back

Vehicular accidents are traumatic. In the aftermath of an accident, emotions can run high. You could be in shock, or what seems to be a simple matter can become complicated very quickly. Having an attorney on your side just makes sense.

An attorney can help you formulate your thoughts, organize a defense, negotiate with predatory insurance agents and start to put together a lawsuit if one is applicable.

The Law is Complicated

Lawyers and politicians make the law and legal processes sound simple, but most of the law is highly complex, or at least, there are many moving parts. For someone not experienced working in and with the law, both can be confusing, with a minimal margin of error.

Miss a court deadline, for example, and a case can be sunk. Misinterpret the application of the law, and a judge can rule against you. Build a legal case with many holes, and an open-and-shut case can take on a life of its own.

There is a Lot at Stake

When you go it alone and do not talk to a car accident lawyer, you risk losing whatever case you have. The result could be criminal charges, owing damages, settling too early, or not getting enough compensation to cover your medical and recovery costs.

A competent car accident lawyer will advise you through each step and help you attain the best outcome.

At the very least, discussing your case with the car accident lawyers at Robert J. Debry & Associates can help you figure out whether having a lawyer is in your best interest.

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