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Why to Settle Your Personal Injury Case

Some personal injury cases may take years to settle. The trick is to know when to settle. The court verdict at the end might award a substantially larger sum of money but in some cases, it is better to settle early.

Settling a case is done outside of the courtroom. A lawyer in Farmington, Utah can be present to advise you on your rights and options, but a settlement is usually made between the person liable and the victim of the personal injury. Both agree on a settlement amount for the lawsuit to be dropped under contract.

Why Settle Early?

Not everyone with a personal injury case will want to settle early. Often times the verdict will be larger than the company is willing to settle for. There are also many reasons why a person might want to settle their case based on time.

Lawsuit Expenses: Especially if the case is taking a long time, the party who wins may pay the court fees in some situations. The longer the case takes, the more money you could lose in the verdict. In addition to court fees, you will also likely have to pay attorney fees.

Medical Urgency: In some cases of serious injury, medical funds are needed immediately. In such cases, you might need to have your lawyer assist you in settling the case to satisfy immediate medical needs.

Stress and Privacy: Sometimes an injury case can be nerve wracking. When a person has already gone through a injury, being cross-examined by the defendant and jury can be exhausting.

Predictability: If a reasonable settlement comes along, you might want to accept it because you may not know what the verdict will be. At least you will know the amount you will receive with certainty by taking a settlement.

Ending Legal Battle: The losing party might appeal the decision and draw out the decision. This could create additional legal costs. Certainly added time and expense could take away from the amount you may receive from a verdict.

Despite a person’s willingness to settle, they should consult with their lawyer to avoid settling far beneath the amount of pain and suffering money that they may be eligible for. Under the direction of your lawyer, you may choose not to settle until you receive fair compensation for your injury.

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