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Safety Tips for Winter Trucking

Safety Tips for Winter Trucking

It is no secret that winter weather conditions increase the chances of fatal car accidents. Whether that be from limited visibility due to fog, icy roads or heavy snowfall, the road becomes an extremely dangerous place. Drivers across the nation should take the necessary precautions to avoid a fatal accident during this time of year, but it is especially important for those who drive long-haul trailers to practice safe and defensive driving if they want to avoid a catastrophic collision− one wrong move by these commercial drivers and they could find themselves as another statistic for a wrongful death lawyer to look at.

Much like any other driver, truckers are active year-round, transporting goods and materials, especially during the holiday season. These drivers already average anywhere from 500 to 1,000 miles a day, so you can imagine how much that number can grow during the winter when everyone is in need of more supplies. Here are some safety tips to keep truckers as well as other drivers safe while on the road while we wait for winter to come to a close.

Make Sure All Equipment is Functioning Properly 

This is the first and most vital tip for truckers; make sure that your rig is in top shape before hitting the road. This is extremely important when it comes all drivers, but someone who is operating an 80,000-pound semi must take this step even more seriously. Inspect your truck before your next trip and make sure that the lights, heater, brakes, horn and any other important parts of the vehicle are working properly.

Stay in the Right Lane

This is especially important during the winter months where the road is slick and full of snow; more than 70 percent of the nation’s roads are located in snowy regions. Truck drivers should avoid driving in the passing lane and should also avoid attempting to pass another vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary. For maximum safety, semi-trucks should operate in the right lane, as so be closer to exits and be ready for safe exits.

Get Off the Road During Extreme Conditions

Nothing is worth more than your own life, so when conditions begin to get out of hand, it’s best to get off the road as soon as possible and wait for the weather to calm down. While transporting cargo may be time sensitive, it’s better to arrive late than to have a wrongful death lawyer have to represent your loved ones after an accident. 

Be Prepared for the Worst

While you may be taking all the preventative measures to avoid an accident, sometimes the harsh conditions are too much for even the safest of drivers. You should always be prepared for anything, especially if you’ll be driving across vast stretches of highway. Pack a weather survival kit and keep it in your semi at all times. This kit should include items such as: snacks, candles, bottles water, mittens, extra cloths and boots, spare spikes, a flashlight, batteries and a snow scraper.

You should also have a roadside assistance number saved just in case you’re caught in an accident or your truck breaks down. 

Ultimately, precautionary steps are going to keep you safe and assure that your loved ones don’t have to make a call to a wrongful death lawyer. If you’re in need f a personal injury attorney in Utah, however, contact us here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates. We can represent you in any accident case and ensure you get the compensation that you deserve. 


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