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Safety Tips While Snowshoeing

There are so many fun things to do outside during the winter here in Salt Lake City. There are adventurous places to explore, especially in the mountains. You can ski, snowboard or even snowshoe. If skiing or snowboarding seem too intense for you, you may want to consider snowshoeing. It is something new to try and is considered a low-impact sport. While it may not be as extreme as skiing or snowboarding, you still want to stay safe so you don’t slip and fall or suffer from a personal injury.


You will typically go snowshoeing up in the mountains. It is important to stay safe while you are driving up the canyon. Make sure you have the proper tires on your car and you aren’t driving distracted. If you think it may be too dangerous of conditions to drive in, maybe reschedule your day spent in the mountains and stay inside. If you do get out and happen to get in a car accident, you will want to call your insurance and possibly a lawyer to help you.

Be Prepared

It is important to be prepared when you are heading up snowshoeing. It is possible to get frostbite, hypothermia, altitude sickness, or fall through frozen water while snowshoeing. Understand these risks and be prepared. Get a pack and fill it with rope, crampons, ice grips, a headlamp, first aid kit, matches, a knife and anything else you think could help you.

Know the Snow

Before you leave to go snowshoeing, check the weather. If you get caught up in an avalanche outside of boundaries, a lawyer can’t help you receive compensation. Know the basic techniques of snowshoeing and always be mindful of weather conditions. Know what happens when new snow builds on top of old snow and the risk you have when moving.

Snowshoeing can be a lot of fun. It is important to stay safe by driving carefully, preparing a pack before you leave and knowing the snow you will be snowshoeing on. If you happen to be in an accident and have questions about your case, call a lawyer at Robert J. DeBry & Associates for help.


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