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How to Be a Safe and Confident Motorcyclist

The statistics are clear: Motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than people in auto accidents. Those can be intimidating odds. The good news is that those odds can be turned in motorcyclists’ favor through safety, knowledge and confidence. Whether you’re a retiree who has been riding for 50 years or a lawyer from Salt Lake City buying your first bike, there’s always more you can do to be a safe and confident motorcyclist.

Buy the Right Bike

Motorcycles are getting faster and more powerful every year. One simple way to help avoid a motorcycle accident is to find the right bike for you. That lawyer from Salt Lake City may be tempted to buy the biggest hog on the lot, but all prospective motorcyclists should be cautious not to buy more bike than they can handle.

Take a seat on your bike. You should be able to easily rest both of your feet flat on the ground without having to stand on your tiptoes. Make sure you can comfortably reach your handlebars and all controls. Find a bike with antilock brakes. Having antilock brakes reduces the likelihood of being in a motorcycle accident by 37 percent. Be careful not to buy a bike that is too heavy. If it feels like it might be too heavy, then it probably is.

Enroll in a Safety Course

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers riding courses that teach basic and advanced riding techniques as well as emergency maneuvers. The courses are offered at thousands of locations from Salt Lake City to the East Coast, so chances are you’ll find one near you. Besides helping you feel more confident, some states offer insurance discounts and accelerated licensing as incentives to take a safety course. Completing a course is also a source of protection should you need to hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident.

Wear Safety Gear

Riding without a helmet makes you 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury, so wear a helmet. Also wear gloves, pants, jackets, over the ankle footwear, bright colors and eye protection.

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