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Proper Crosswalk Etiquette

The encounters between a drivers and pedestrians at a crosswalk can bring a variety of emotion on both sides; that is why it is important to understand what your rights and responsibilities are in either situation. Take a look at this simplified list of laws that explain the do’s and don’ts at a crosswalk for pedestrians and drivers!


  • A pedestrian cannot suddenly leave a curb, or other places of safety, and step into the path of a vehicle that is “so close as to constitute an immediate hazard” (41-6a-1002)
  • At traffic-light intersections, pedestrians must cross at marked crosswalks (41-6a-1003)
  • Pedestrians, unless directed by a traffic officer, cannot cross diagonally (41-6a-1003)
  • At any point outside of a crosswalk, the pedestrian must yield (41-6a-1003)
  • Facing a “Walk” or “Walking Person” symbol, pedestrians may proceed through the designated crosswalk area (41-6a-306)
  • Facing a “Don’t Walk” or “Upraised Hand” symbol, pedestrians may not proceed through the designated crosswalk area (41-6a-306)
  • Unless directed otherwise, Pedestrians cannot walk through a crosswalk while facing a red light (41-6a-306)

A lot of this may seem like common sense considering people usually do not like put themselves into dangerous situations, but sometimes the rules as a driver are a little more unclear.


  • Must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk if they are in, or approaching, the half of the roadway the driver is traveling in by slowing or stopping completely (41-6a-1002)
  • Must come to a complete stop at a school crosswalk if it is occupied (41-6a-1002)
  • When approaching a vehicle stopped at a marked or unmarked crosswalk of an intersection, you are not permitted to “overtake and pass the stopped vehicle” (41-6a-1002)
  • Drivers turning left or right at a green light must yield to pedestrians that are in “an adjacent crosswalk at the time the signal is exhibited” (41-6a-305)


When driving, it is always a good idea to yield to pedestrians considering they might not see you and may misunderstand that you may have the right-of-way. In order to avoid any further risk of a car accident or personal injury, here are a few more helpful ideas to keep in mind!

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Be especially careful around cyclists, scooters, skateboarders, and other relatable persons using a device that may make it harder for them to stop at intersections.
  • Watch for pedestrians wearing headphones or distracted by their cell phone.
  • Pay special attention to younger children and older adults who may be less aware
  • Make eye contact with pedestrians to let them know you see them.
  • Give pedestrians extra time to get out of crosswalks and back onto the sidewalk.
  • When in doubt, give the pedestrian the right of way.

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