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Preventing Slip and Fall Injuries in the Workplace

From slipping on a wet surface to falling over an uneven floor or misplaced item, it only takes a small mistake or a second of inattention for an employee to slip, trip or fall in the workplace. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, slip and fall incidents make up the majority of workplace accidents — accidents that could have easily been avoided.

Luckily for businesses from the East Coast to Farmington, Utah, there are a number of ways employers can protect against slip and fall injuries — and a trip to the local lawyer.

Some common causes of slips and falls in the workplace include wet or dry floor contamination, loose or unsecured floor mats and walking surfaces with a low level of friction. Water and sawdust can create a significant slip hazard on a hard floor. Dry or wet floor contamination should be cleaned up as soon as possible in order to prevent injury. By specifically targeting and eliminating these hazards, slip and fall incidents can effectively be avoided, and your business can save on workers’ compensation or lawyer expenses.

Tripping on unforeseen obstructions is another major cause of falls in the workplace for businesses in Farmington and elsewhere. Excess clutter or cords in walkways, an obstructed view or uneven surfaces can result in falling and injury. Assess work areas for trip and fall hazards regularly, keep floors clean and file down any uneven surfaces that might cause an employee to trip.

For slip and walk hazards, consider adding a rug or a non-slip runner in areas that are prone to wet or dry contamination. For instance, consider utilizing non-slip mats near doors and entryways that might become a wet or dry hazard. Create and maintain proper indoor and outdoor illumination and ensure all employees wear proper slip-resistant footwear.

Slip, trip and fall incidents in the workplace make up 65 percent of all work days lost in the U.S., from businesses in Farmington to factories in the Midwest. Avoid unnecessary injury and a lawyer consultation by taking the proper measures to prevent employee slip and fall injuries.

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