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Birth Defects, Stillbirth Linked to Zika Virus

Since the Zika Virus outbreak, the disease has been related to birth defects in pregnant women. There have been multiple cases of pregnant women in Brazil who have been infected with the virus, and their babies are experiencing birth defects — or as recent case has shown, babies infected with Zika can even end up stillborn.

With the warm weather coming up in Salt Lake City, it may be wise for Salt Lake City women and those around the state to be aware of legal advice they may need from a wrongful death lawyer, in the event of a child born with a birth defect — or worse.

Stillbirth Case in Brazil

In January, a pregnant Brazilian woman infected with the Zika virus gave birth to a stillborn baby. When it was born, the baby showed telltale signs of the virus such as central nervous system defects and a significant loss of brain tissue. This case shows that Zika can do more damage to your unborn child than was previously thought.

Although the virus has so far only been found among people who have visited infected countries, wrongful death lawyers in the U.S. are preparing themselves for any legal action that may take place. There have yet to be any reports of birth defects related to the Zika virus in Salt Lake City, but warm summer weather could potentially bring the virus northward.

If You Need To Talk To a Lawyer

The Zika Virus may be related to a chemical called pyriproxyfen, a compound that the Brazilian government has been using to control its mosquito problem. Physicians in crop-sprayed towns said that pyriproxfen had been injected into the drinking water, and since then Brazil has seen an increase in birth defect rates. Brazil has experienced a Zika outbreak before, but crop-sprayed towns are reporting more birth defects than ever before.

No cases of birth defects connected to the Zika Virus have yet been reported in the U.S., but if you believe that your baby’s birth defect was caused by either the Zika Virus or priproxfen, contact a wrongful death lawyer and get legal help immediately.

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