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Vehicle Safety Features to Look Forward to in 2020

Though we see advancements in technology that are meant to help reduce the number of accidents on our roads, we still have a long way to go. Personal injury lawyers still see various disasters that could have been avoided had we been able to access technology that could respond to ever-growing vehicular threats. However, as we enter the new decade, we will undoubtedly see an increase in the production of auto safety technology that can help reduce the number of accidents across the world.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the latest auto safety technology that you can expect to see in 2020.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 

While we’re still a way away from completely self-driving cars, 2020 will see an increase in higher-grade assistance systems. An example of these systems are radars that monitor a vehicle’s blind spots. These technologies might also help personal injury lawyers and their clients in future accident claims.

Adaptive Cruise Control

If you’ve used cruise control, you know how handy it can be when you’re taking long road trips or when you have to commute long distances to work. However, it can get frustrating having to adjust the speed to account for traffic every few minutes. Luckily, we should start to see more vehicles be equipped with adaptive cruise control in 2020, cruise control, which adjusts to traffic automatically by using sensors.

360-Degree Cameras

There are already some cars on the market with this feature, but 2020 will see more vehicle manufacturers add this feature to their vehicles. These types of cameras let you see your vehicle from a top-down perspective, allowing you to see any potential road hazards around you.

Personal injury lawyers deal with accident cases, which technologies like cell phones were the cause. However, auto technology is a different story. With more ‘intelligent” vehicles, we could see a drastic decline in auto accidents.

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