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New Phone Apps Help Curb Texting and Driving

Believe it or not, there are a number of phone apps designed to help you drive better — and you don’t have to be on the phone to use them. Simply turn on the app while you’re driving; this will inform people trying to contact your phone that you are currently occupied with driving, so you can avoid an auto accident and avoid a call to your local lawyer.


One app that is especially designed for parents is Cellcontrol. Parents in St. George, Utah and elsewhere will feel safer with a child driving; knowing that the app is blocking any incoming text messages until the child safely arrives at his or her destination. The app functions together with a special device outfitted under the dashboard of the car, working to block calls and texts while the car is in motion.

Drive Safe Mode

Drive Safe Mode is another app designed to ease parent concerns regarding teen driving, preventing teens in St. George and elsewhere from texting and emailing while driving. If the teen decides to turn off the app, parents will get a notification that the phone is still in use. Even a lawyer can’t help you argue with your parents about that one.


Another app that helps prevent distracted driving is called Live2Txt. If you turn the app on while driving, it will block your phone from receiving incoming notifications, texts and calls. If someone does try to text you, the sender will get a customized message saying that you’re unable to talk — helping to avoid distracted driving and possibly an auto accident.

Safe Driving Apps

If you’re trying to teach your teen to adopt safe driving habits, there are other apps that encourage safe driving, such as SafeDrive — an app that will reward you with discounts the longer you avoid touching your phone while driving. Drivemode also works to turn text into audio so you can listen to your messages instead of looking at them.

Try using these fun apps to stay safe. Avoid a nasty auto accident and a call to your lawyer in St. George, and help keep your eyes on the road.

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