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Marty Feldman Ambulance Case

Marty Feldman was a British comedian and actor famous for his extraordinarily conspicuous eyes. Mr. Feldman died due to a heart attack on Dec 2nd, 1982. Later investigations proved that a wrongful death lawyer would have been a valuable asset for the family and would have helped them gain a settlement. Robert J.DeBry & Associates offers such services in Utah.


Marty Feldman went to Mexico in 1982 to film the movie ‘Ýellow Beard,’ which was later made as a tribute to him. It was in Mexico that Marty would meet his untimely demise and Sergio the cartoonist.

Sergio said Marty was suffering from a bruised coccyx, the bone right at the end of his spine. Marty desperately wanted to go back to Los Angeles to see a doctor about it and return to his family. Marty had an appointment with a doctor on Dec 5th, 1982.

The Heart Attack

Despite the discomfort, he must have felt, those around him, including Sergio, say that he was in good health and in high spirits days before his death. He was having fun on set while shooting his movie. Graham Chapman, who was shooting the film alongside Marty, was a doctor before his entertainment career. Marty called him to Marty’s hotel room to see if there was anything he could do to help.

Graham says they called an ambulance, but it took forty-five minutes to get there. The doctor who reviewed Marty’s medical files said he would have survived a bypass surgery if he had the attack in LA three days later.

Marty’s Family could have asked a wrongful death lawyer to file a lawsuit against the city’s health department for failing to provide an ambulance in time. Contact Robert J.DeBry & Associates for a wrongful death lawyer if a loved one suffered the same fate as Marty.

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