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How to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

It is the peak of the summer and it is important to keep your kid’s safe. From St. George to Salt Lake City, Utah gets pretty hot. Be smart with your kids this summer so they don’t suffer from a slip and fall or personal injury. If your child suffers from a personal injury, contact a personal injury lawyer today.

Prevent any injuries by applying these tips to stay safe this summer.

Be Smart in the Sun

It is important to be a responsible parent and monitor your child while they are playing out in the sun. Sunburns can increase your child’s risk of skin cancer. Everyone, especially kids, need protection from the sun. When in the sun, find shade, wear a hat, use sunscreen and cover up on the really hot days by wearing long sleeves.

Water Safety

During the hot summer months, the best way to cool off is jumping in a pool. While this is fun, it is important to teach kids water safety so they do not suffer from a wrongful death. Approximately 350 children under the age of five drown in pools each year.

Keep your kid’s safe by supervising them at all times. When on a lake, be sure your kids are wearing a life jacket to prevent drownings on a boat and keep your family from having to call a lawyer.

Prevent Injuries

Each year, emergency departments treat over 200,000 children with personal injuries from playgrounds. If your kids are playing on the playground, you can prevent personal injury by checking the surface under the playground to be sure it is safe and soft.

Supervise your children at all times and be sure they are using the equipment properly. This way, they are less likely to take a dangerous fall, requiring the help of your lawyer. If your child does suffer from a personal injury such as a concussion, be sure to take them to a physician to know if they have suffered from any damage to the brain.



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