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Jack The Ripper

I was thinking about Jack the Ripper’s legacy and wondered if the identity of one of England’s most famous serial killers has ever been revealed.

Read on to learn historical facts and updated details about the Jack the Ripper case we’ve recently discovered at the personal injury law offices of Robert J. Debry & Associates.

Who is Jack The Ripper?

Jack The Ripper is an unnamed English serial killer who murdered at least 5 English women believed to be prostitutes in 18th-century London.

Historians say Jack the Ripper was most active during the three months between August 1888 – November 1888, when his famous killing spree took place.

During that period, English authorities believe Jack the Ripper killed at least three women in September 1888 and one woman in August and November.

Historical Facts about Jack the Ripper

Authorities identified an unnamed Jack the Ripper as a serial killer when they discovered similarities in the location of the victims and how he killed them. They found all five victims mutilated and deceased in London’s East End in an area known as the Whitechapel District.

There has been some debate among historians throughout history about whether the five victims killed by Jack the Ripper were indeed prostitutes. After research, historians say they could verify only one of the five women killed by Jack the Ripper was a full-time prostitute.

The identity of Jack the Ripper has been a worldwide mystery until recently, when scientists say they may have discovered the true essence of England’s most popular unidentified serial killer.

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