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Injured at Work? Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Getting hurt on the job can be a frustrating and painful experience. It has an impact on your health, income, and can result in high medical expenses. The costs are significant to recuperate when you lose work due to an injury. And it impacts family and the quality of life. Robert J. Debry & Associate is a Utah Law Firm that offers legal advice in workplace injury cases. Including seeking fair compensation for loss of work, medical, and related expenses.

How Common Are Workplace Injuries and Illnesses?

Getting injured on the job is more common than most people think. And while not every occupation is dangerous, there are specific industries and careers where getting hurt is a higher risk. These industries include the healthcare sector, manufacturing, food and retail service, and transportation, which rank among the top. While many employers take precautions to guard against fatalities and serious injuries on the job, long-term effects are associated with long-term exposure. This can be due to dangerous environments and substances that may not be properly contained for your protection.

Ensuring Your Workplace is Safe

Aside from contacting emergency services in the event of an injury, contacting a Utah Law Firm is the next step to determining your rights on the job. This may also help tell you what you are entitled to as a result of your accident or work-related illness. If you suspect there may be cause for concern in your current job, take a proactive approach. Determine the requirements for a safe workplace. All employers are responsible for their workers’ safety and well-being on the job.

Getting the Advice, You Need

A personal injury attorney will give you valuable advice on how to proceed after an injury or the diagnosis of a work-related illness. Robert J. Debry & Associates work closely with insurance companies and experts in the field to ensure clients receive the compensation they deserve based on the injury or incident. It’s every employee’s right to work in a safe and secure site. And without fear of reprisal when speaking out about risks or getting hurt on the job.

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