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How Truck Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

Truck drivers enjoy features such as better ground clearance but require a 20% to 40% braking distance. Minor negligence can result in fatal truck crashes. Truck accidents differ from average car crushes. Find an experienced truck accident lawyer who understands trucking enterprises’ unique regulations. Here is all you need to know about truck accidents.

The Main Reasons why Truck Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

The complexity in the recovery process after truck accidents remains the primary reason for the difference between a truck and a car accident. The process becomes complicated for the following reasons:

Injury Severity After Truck Accident

Involved parties sustain more injuries after a truck accident. These injuries remain more severe than in car accidents, mainly due to differences in weight and size. Truck accidents’ fatalities remain higher than average car accidents in the United States for many reasons. According to Robert J. DeBry & Associates‘ truck accident lawyers, the most common personal injury cases in truck accidents result from carrying cargo exceeding the required weight limit.

Financial Liability After Truck Accident

Although car accident causes injuries, the severity of injuries in a truck accident remains catastrophic. Besides causing many deaths permanent disability, their legal and financial implications can cause strain on parties.

Complexity in determining and proving Negligence in Truck Accidents

Unlike in car accidents, determining and proving driver responsibility remain complex in truck accidents. The many truck accident defendants, including truck drivers, repair facilities, loading facilities, defective parts manufacturers, road government entities, complicate the process. Such a web of complexities coupled with insurance considerations.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Although legal intricacies around truck accidents remain unfamiliar to many, a truck accident lawyer can help you understand what you need to file a claim and receive the compensation you deserve after a truck accident. Contact an experienced Robert J. DeBry & Associates truck accident lawyer today at (801) 699-9999 or reach us by filling out our free assessment form.

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