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How to Tell If You’re Too Tired To Drive

Drowsy driving is a significant accident threat. It is estimated that as many as 4 percent of all drivers fall asleep when driving, and 60 percent drive when they are drowsy. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, each car accident attorney encourages everyone to stay safe behind the wheel; here are a few ways to tell if you are too tired to drive.

Eyes Lose Focus or Close

When tired, you tend to lose concentration and even focus on the road. When this happens, you are not focused on the road. You may suddenly jolt to awareness after driving a period and do not even remember making the drive.

You are Falling Asleep

This is a sure sign you are a danger on the roadways. While many people are tired when they drive, few start to fall asleep. If this happens to you, pull off the road, find a secure location and try and rest. If you cannot do that, take a walk or eat something to help wake yourself up.

Concentrating is Very Difficult

As you start to fall asleep, concentrating on simple things, like driving directions, becomes more difficult. Eventually, concentrating at all becomes impossible. If you find yourself having difficulty following a conversation or remembering rules, you are likely too tired to drive.

Frequent Yawning and Blinking

Repeated yawning and blinking is another example of behavior that indicates you need to take a break from driving. Your body tells you it needs a break from driving, and ignoring it risks an accident.

Drowsy driving is a menace on the highway. In a heartbeat, you can go from nodding off to causing an accident. If you have any of the symptoms covered here, take some time and rest before pushing on. If you are in an accident, call Robert J. Debry & Associates to speak with a car accident attorney who may help you. 


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