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How to Be a Safe Driver During Dangerous Driving Conditions

While you should always be cautious on the roads at any time of year, winter driving poses extra hazards compared to other months. In Utah, freezing conditions, snowfall, and shorter daylight hours are just a few seasonal weather changes that can pose added risks to drivers.

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Here are some tips to drive safe during harsh driving conditions:

Give Yourself Extra Stopping Time

Driving in dangerous road conditions, such as rainy weather, takes longer to stop since the roads tend to be slick and less visible. Consider giving yourself extra stopping time during these conditions and also keep a distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Research shows that speeding is one of the major causes of fatal accidents in the US. Therefore, your speed limit must be as per what’s safe given the road conditions. 

Be Alert

When driving on a new road, be alert and extra cautious, especially if you’re driving during winter or fall. Obstacles on the road such as sand and gravel, fallen leaves, and ice can lead to unsafe conditions and accidents.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle can help protect you from losing control under any driving conditions. Be sure to check that your tires have ample tread and are properly inflated. Also, ensure that the brake systems are free from defects such as worn linings, leaks, and dirt in the brake fluid. Having a car mechanic check the vehicle before starting your trip can help you avoid unforeseen problems.

In conclusion, when driving during dangerous driving conditions, be sure to accelerate gradually, take corners slowly, and turn on your headlights in addition to the above tips.

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