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How Road Rage Works

Many of us have experiences on the road that involve someone else driving erratically and in an unsafe way. Road rage involves getting angry while driving and letting that anger dictate the manner in which the car is handled. Utah and many other states suffer from drivers with road rage who drive unsafely.

Anger affects the part of the brain that helps us respond emotionally to our surroundings. When a person becomes angry, he or she ceases thinking in a way that is conducive to emotional reasoning. Road rage can cause anger in other drivers, auto accidents and most of all it can lead to the death of yourself or others.

Many different things can cause road rage but the most common effects for drivers inside Utah and outside are heavy traffic, stress, construction, slow driving, changing lanes too quickly and headlight flashing.

Traffic especially can be extremely stressful for those involved. Many of those bumper to bumper are trying to return home to an important engagement. Plans sometimes have to be canceled or postponed because of auto accidents and the resulting traffic. The stress can lead some people to act in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise act.

Keeping emotionally calm while driving can be a difficult task sometimes but is also very important to keeping the roads safe for everyone.

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