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How Long to File a Personal Injury Claim After a Car Accident in Utah

You should be duly compensated if you sustain injuries from a car accident. This could be from your insurance company or the insurer covering the driver at fault. However, you might need to take some time to seek medical attention and understand the severity and nature of your injuries. Even the most minor injuries require can significantly impact your life. So, how long should you wait to file a personal injury claim, and how do you know what to claim after an accident?

When should you File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you are still recovering and receiving treatment for your injuries, you might want to start filing your claim. In fact, this is the perfect time to start, whether you are going for a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim. You do not want to be rushing against the deadlines when filing a lawsuit or a personal claim lawsuit.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, individual insurance companies decide and establish specific timelines for when you should file a personal injury claim. However, they might not set a particular time, such as one, two, or three months. Instead, they recommend prompt filing or starting your claim filing procedure within a reasonable time. You should therefore take time to understand the specific time frame set by the insurance company.

If you take too long to file a claim, you risk settling for a small settlement. Sometimes, the insurance company might even deny your claim due to difficulty determining the nature of the injuries and damages caused by the wreck. But to deny your claim, the insurance company must prove beyond doubt that the long time that passed prejudiced your claim or cause harm to the insurer in any way.

Having a Law Expert by your Side

In some states, the law dictates how long you must file a personal injury claim after an accident. For instance, in Utah, a victim must file a claim within four years from the date of the accident. Failure to do this you might receive a small compensation or nothing at all. When you choose to work with a car accident lawyer, you will have the peace of mind that you have a professional by your side. A car accident attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, will educate you on the statute of limitations and the specific time limits you have to work with, among other factors that might impact your case. Even better, your lawyer can file the lawsuit on your behalf. With years of experience, the professionals will know the best ways to maneuver any issues and defense the other party presents and guarantee you an ultimate win.

Like any other state, Utah limits the time required before you can file a personal injury lawsuit after an accident. Generally, you have up to four years to file a claim. If this time elapses, the court might decline to hear your case. If you have been involved in a car accident, you do not have to go through it alone. A car accident lawyer from Robert J Derby will help you with the legal process as you focus on healing and recovering.

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