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How long does it take for a truck to stop?

The time it takes for a truck to stop is vital for a truck accident lawyer to understand because it helps identify the liable party in an accident. Aspects such as truck size, speed, and loading capacity contribute to the stopping distance. The truck can cause accidents due to loss of control, mechanical failure, negligence of the driver, and ground fails.

Personal injury lawyers are responsible for looking for relevant evidence to help fight for damages. They battle for settlement for medical expenses, pain, mental anguish, pain, or compensating the loved ones of the victims of a truck accident.

Collecting Evidence

The accident lawyers also collect evidence by:

  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Investigating police reports
  • Viewing videos of the accident
  • Analyzing photos of the accident scene.

How Long it takes for a Truck to Stop

The truck accident injury lawyers also get expert testimonies from professional truck drivers to determine the time it takes for a truck to stop. Calculating the truck stopping time includes determining aspects such as:

  • The perception distance: the distance the truck driver decides to stop or slow down to avoid an accident.
  • Reaction time: the time the driver takes to execute the stopping after recognizing the danger that might be a fast-approaching car, a running person, or an animal.
  • Braking time: the distance the truck travels after the driver steps on the brakes until it stops.
  • Brake lag: the time the truck takes to build up the air in the brakes for the small or large truck to stop successfully.

Knowing all the aspects and the stoppage time of a truck is crucial for personal injury lawyers to determine if the driver breached the duty of care that requires them to drive carefully, safely, and reasonably.

The collected evidence and information from experts are essential for negotiations with the insurance company that the driver works for a reasonable settlement for the clients. A truck accident lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates can also use the evidence to litigate in court.

Need an Exceptional Lawyer?

Call Robert J. DeBry & Associates if a truck driver hits you or your loved one, leaving you with injuries that have drastically changed your life, call Robert J. DeBry & Associates. A truck accident lawyer is ready and willing to help determine if you have a case to file or not. If you have a chance, they will get you the financial settlement you deserve to cover your medical expenses and heal from emotional trauma. 


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