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How did Barack Obama Sr. Die?

Upon the death of Barack Obama Sr, Barack Obama’s father’s death, many questions, and suspicions came afloat. Was Mr. Barack Obama’s father murdered, or was it just an accident? Read on to find out!

Who Was Barack Obama Sr?

His full name was Barack Hussein Obama Sr. He was a Kenyan Senior governmental economist. Barack Obama Sir was involved in many conflicts with the Kenyan president. This affected his career quite significantly. Barack Obama Sr later became blacklisted and was fired from his job position. This made it very difficult for him to get another job. It’s safe to say that the conflicts with the president of Kenya, President Jomo Kenyatta, destroyed Barack Obama Sr’s career and life.

Mr. Obama was involved in several accidents before the one finally took his life. In 1971, he visited his son in Hawaii with an injured leg that had been injured the previous year, 1970. He later lost both of his legs in yet another car accident. This led to him losing his then job.

Mr. Obama’s life took a turn for the worst as he lived a life of poverty. He turned to alcohol for stress relief. In 1982, Mr. Obama began a new relationship that would lead to the birth of his last son, George Obama. Barack Obama Sr died six months later in another car accident in Nairobi.

Mr. Obama’s involvement in politics and his constant conflicts with President Jomo make us suspect whether he was murdered. At the same time, all the previous accidents that took his limbs failed attempts at taking his life. There are many unanswered questions and suspicions to this day. Was this a wrongful death?

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