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How A Lawyer Can Help In A Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians die in road accidents in the United States every 75 minutes. Being in an accident with a vehicle as a pedestrian is traumatizing and can leave you incapacitated, unable to hold the guilty party accountable. Getting fair compensation for the damages will be difficult, which is why you need a Utah pedestrian accident attorney. They can help you after a pedestrian accident in the following ways:

Explain Your Legal Rights

There are many laws to help protect pedestrians in case of accidents. It may be difficult to know them as a regular person, but a lawyer will.

The attorney will apprise you of your legal rights and other legal repercussions of the accident.

They will then offer advice on how to move forward with your case.

Without a lawyer’s expertise, you may easily sign away your legal rights without even knowing.

Handle Negotiations

There will be plenty of negotiations before you can successfully hold the guilty party for the accident accountable and receive fair compensation. An attorney will be indispensable in handling the negotiations, especially if you need substantial medical attention.

First, the lawyer will deal with the other party’s lawyers, who will try to use the law in their favor. The attorney will use their expertise to ensure all your legal rights are upheld.

There will also be negotiations with the insurance adjusters. They will try and give you the lowest offer possible to save their company money. Your attorney will ensure that you do not take any low-ball offer and negotiate for you to get the highest amount possible.

Go To Court

In case you are unable to reach a settlement with the other party involved in the accident, you might go to court. It is best to let an experienced personal injury lawyer represent your interests in court.

They know the laws and court procedures the case has to undergo. For example, the attorney knows how to prove the other party was at fault, so you get due compensation.

The lawyer will use their skills to influence the judge or jury in your favor, so you receive just recompense.

A pedestrian accident could cause significant damage. It would be best to have a lawyer by your side to help you with the above and more.

Call a Utah personal injury lawyer immediately after a pedestrian accident.

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