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The Elderly at Higher Risk for Serious Spinal Cord Damage After Initial Injury

From Farmington, Utah to the East Coast, spinal cord and slip and fall injuries occur with an impressive degree of regularity. In fact, the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center estimates that up to 34 people suffer from a serious spinal cord injury every day. Regardless of age, spinal cord injuries are going to be serious matters, even if a lawyer needn’t be involved.

That said, when both identified and treated promptly, oftentimes, physical damages can be limited. However, due to the fact that many elderly Americans are unable to properly care for themselves and require the services of professional caregivers, when negligence abounds, spinal injuries undoubtedly worsen.

In September of this year, an interesting study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The study closely examined 1,440 patients who’d recently experienced a spinal cord injury.

Shockingly, the study revealed something very interesting—a sharp increase in the rate at which senior patients were dying in hospitals after spinal injuries. Even more concerning, due to a limited physical state, the spinal injuries of senior citizens tended to be less severe than their younger counterparts.

While researchers admit that a number of factors could play a role in such a finding, caregiving negligence can’t by overlooked as a potential culprit. Needless to say, if you or a loved one hasn’t received the appropriate care for a slip and fall or spinal cord injury, consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Farmington, Utah or elsewhere, as soon as possible.

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