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‘Herbal’ Cough Syrup Recalled Because it Contains Morphine

A Chinese herb product distributor by the name of Master Herbs, Inc. is issuing a voluntary nationwide recall after its herbal over-the-counter “Licorice Coughing Liquid” was found to contain morphine. The product, used to treat symptoms of cold such as coughing and other throat and bronchial irritations, did not previously indicate that it contained morphine.

Morphine is an opioid painkiller similar in function to heroin. Like other opioid painkillers, morphine is addictive and can be dangerous in large doses. In order to avoid a potential drug injury and subsequent lawyer visit, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends consumers in Provo, Utah and elsewhere avoid consumption of the product.

The Licorice Coughing Liquid had been sold in Chinese grocery stores across six U.S. states from New Jersey to Hawaii. The product is not available in Provo or elsewhere in the state of Utah. While the product was found to contain morphine, nothing on the product label indicated morphine as an ingredient. Compound Camphor, of which opioid is an ingredient, was included on the label, but not its component ingredients.

Consumers using the product may be subject to drug injury or other unforeseen side effects. Ingestion of morphine can lead to respiratory malfunction, allergic reactions or even death. While manufacturer Master Herbs, Inc. is not currently aware of any adverse reactions to this specific product, consumers are encouraged to contact a physician or a lawyer if any drug injury associated with this product has occurred.

More information on the herbal cough syrup is available in an FDA press release. Consumers with questions about the recall can contact Master Herbs, Inc. via either phone or email. Quality problems associated with the product can also be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program via phone, mail or fax.

People who have experienced a negative reaction to the product should contact their local healthcare provider and lawyer as soon as possible. Whether you live in Provo or in the Midwest, morphine should never be available without a proper medical prescription.

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